Memphis Adventure Boot Camp Success Stories: Sarah Hairston

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Obesity is a serious issue for my entire family. Both sides of my family suffer from this unhealthiness. With such a history, it is unsurprising that I became overweight and mostly sedentary in my teens. I stopped ballet and gymnastics very early on and never picked up any other physical activities. At 21, I finally had enough. Weighing in at 230lbs, I was depressed and angry. I began Weight Watchers, which worked wonders for me. I was on my first steps on my fitness journey. Two years later, I had lost 70 lb., but was not particularly in shape. I heard about Memphis Adventure Boot Camp from a family friend, Angela, who encouraged me to try it for a month. I. Was. Hooked. The workouts were intense, but malleable to my own fitness level. However, I was still not eating right. Yes, I was consuming fewer calories, but not the right kind to fuel my day. I wasn’t really seeing significant changes in my body. My fitness abilities were increasing, but my body looked the same. I tried one of Dexter’s Fat Flushes right before Thanksgiving and it was such a game changer. I lost a lot of fat and gained definition. Of course, right after that, the holidays hit and my willpower was not as strong as it should have been. I gained back all the weight I had lost. Once again, Dexter came in to save the day. The Resolution Rescue sounded like the perfect opportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally. I knew it would be tough, but I also knew at the end of the day, I would feel significantly better.

Throughout the challenge, I learned how to view food as fuel and to primarily eat only what I needed AND when I was hungry (which was often). I did slip up a few times, but overall, my nutrition portion of the competition was a success. Additionally, I started out being able to run an almost 12 minute mile and currently, I can run one in 9 minutes! My weights have also been bumped up and I can do full pushups. These are just a few calculable changes. I can also feel a difference in my body. My clothes fit looser and when I look in the mirror, lots of changes have occurred and others are just beginning.

Finally, I do not feel like I am walking away from this. This has been a life-changing experience. My plan is to keep up with my current nutrition and try primarily eating clean. Boot camp will still be a vital part of my life and I know it will continue to challenge me. Thank you so much Dexter, Amanda and everyone at MABC for helping rescue me from myself!

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