Memphis Adventure Boot Camp Success Stories: Christine Weakley


I consider myself a person who has always cared about nutrition and health. I started being conscience about what I ate as early as eleven years old. I believe there are two reasons why I cared about health and nutrition. First, my mother was a physical therapist and I use to go to work with her. This got me interested in my health and helping others. Second, most of my family is obese and any gathering or social event is centered around food. I promised myself at an early age that I would never end up like them.  My childhood and through high school was filled with sports that kept my active such as swim team, track, basketball, tumbling, and competitive cheerleading. My passion for nutrition led me to my undergraduate major of Nutrition and Health Promotion.

In college it was easy to stay fit. Being in nutrition classes I was constantly reminded of how important it was to keep healthy and making good choices daily. It was hard not to stay on top of it. Plus, I was able to walk to all classes and work out in between. Nutrition started to take a back seat when I started PA school. School became my main priority and I started eating for convenience which most of the time had low nutritional value. I kept true to my exercising because this always gave me an emotional/stress break for the day. I also picked up long distant running in PA school. I started doing 5K and 10K with a fellow student which ended up being a lot of fun!

Then the real world happened. I got married, started a new job, and moved to Memphis. All of this happening at the same time was overwhelming and I started using food as comfort. I was also in food denial, I would say to myself since I work out I can eat whatever I want. Over the past two years I have notice myself slowing gaining weight and my body not being a tone as it used to be. There were several attempts to change my dietary habits but I lacked obedience and was never successful. This is why I finally signed up for the 6 week resolution.

I struggled with dietary changes and almost quit the first week. I felt like someone had hit me with a baseball bat plus I craved carbs. I do not really like eating meat, carbs were my favorite food. I love pasta, bread, oatmeal, baked goods and lets not forget french fries. Also, I was not losing weight. My thought was I not changing my diet this dramatically not to get results. I stopped weighing myself so it would not interfere with my progress.

Prior to the competition I was getting my protein mainly from dairy and peanut butter. However, my diet needed some revamping and tweaking. After the first two weeks it was easier to incorporate lean meats into my diet. I started eating more eggs and fish. By week three I started notice some changes in my body which gave me further motivation to continue on. Social events seem to be my biggest weakness. I am a social drinker and I love beer but during this challenge I significantly cut back.

I was proud of myself for staying true to the eating principles at Memphis ABC. I think this challenge has given me the jump start to the body that I want and want to continue to have. I feel I have formed good habits over the the challenge. I noticed in the past 4 days since the competition has stopped I find myself still eating more protein and mainly fruits and veggies. I worked really hard to get where I am at the end of this competition so I pray that I will have the obedience to continue on. Having a support team is key to success and boot camp has done that for me.

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