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Have you ever thought about what it’s like to have the viewpoint of the boot camp instructor? Here are some interesting facts you may or may not know.

I am constantly learning. I prepare classes by reading, watching videos, attending workshops, and using every resource I can get a hold of. I understand that exercise is routine, but I constantly want to make it more enjoyable for each of you.

When I don’t feel like teaching, I refocus on my dream and do it. Everyone has our “off days” even me.  I have to put on that smile and bring the energy and when I am focused on my family and our clients, I am able to do so without fail.

Everyone started somewhere. Don’t worry if other people are using heavier weights, higher boxes, or going farther while stretching. The fact that you are there participating at all is the most important thing. You have everyone’s respect as long as you show up and give your best effort, and no one can ask for more than that!

It irritates me the most when you refuse to try. Fitness is one of the only things in life where you can achieve success simply by trying harder than you did before. When a person gives up without looking at what you have actually accomplished and moving forward is the hardest part of my job.

Work within your own limits and abilities. If I suggest a modification for an exercise, it would be helpful if you’d follow the suggested guideline. It’s for your own good! I mean this on both ends of the spectrum for easier or harder.

Be on time. Showing up late to class is rude and disrupts everyone. Plus, you miss the most important part of class — the warm-up! The best is when you walk in, 5 minutes after class starts, to set up your mat and you’re on the phone! I understand once in a while can’t be avoided, but every day??

This isn’t my only thing I do.  I am just like you. I have a family who I want to see. I do not enjoy working out 24/7. Along these same lines, running a business is not easy, but I’d never do it any other way. However, don’t think the only thing I do is teach classes. Someone had to help you know that Memphis Adventure Boot Camp exists and that someone is me. Someone had to provide you toilet paper with that cleaned bathroom. Every back end thing I have done and only until I cannot handle doing the job properly anymore do I hand it off so that others can perform it better, but there is so much more to Memphis ABC than just our classes.

I’m pretty open with my classes. I am a “real” person. My suggestions and advice is all based on my prior experiences and knowledge base. I believe that most “fitness” people cannot relate to “real” people because they have not lived it. I can tell you about a rain forest, but until I went and experienced it myself, it isn’t true knowledge. I try to build all that I do and suggest based on my experiences, what is most important to me, and what I have found is most important to the people I work with.

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