Easy Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling


Far too often travelers return home with the unwanted souvenir of a few extra pounds.  One way to prevent the post-vacation flab is to keep from gaining that weight in the first place. Since sampling new food is often a major part of the travel experience, it is extra important that travelers keep exercising during their trip. Here are four easy ways you can stay fit while traveling.

Work Out At The Airport
Modern travel certainly involves a lot of sitting. To stay fit, you need to stay active, so try to work in a little exercise whenever you can. If you are flying, try to stay active during your wait time at the airport. Instead of sitting, you could walk up and down the terminals to get your legs loose. You could even find a quiet corner and do a few yoga poses. Some airports even have public fitness centers or other gym options for travelers, so make sure to look in advance to see what options are available at the airports you will be visiting.

Do Plenty Of Research Before You Book Your Accommodations
You will be more likely to stick with your fitness routine if you book a room in a hotel with an adequate fitness facility. Make sure you do plenty of research before you chose a hotel. Keep in mind that hotels are not always perfectly honest about the quality of their amenities. So, an exercise room described as state-of-the-art on a hotel’s website might actually just be a broken treadmill and an old radio. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, check out hotel reviews to see what former guests have to say about the hotel’s gym. On a recent trip to San Francisco I used a travel reviews site called Gogobot in order to find the right hotel. Here I was given a list of San Francisco hotels where I could scan through in order to see which one was best for me.

Combine Sightseeing With Running
Although it can be fun to check out your hotel’s fitness center, consider going for a run outside. Not only will you get your daily exercise in, but you will also get a chance to explore the local area, seeing sights that are off the typical tourist path. This is becoming a big trend within the travel industry where many people are now “taking to the streets” on their vacations. 

About the Author

Mike Manning has a fitness blog and he is a fitness and healthy living enthusiast who tries to see the best in all situations. He loves to hike, run, weight lift, travel, camp, cook, and be outside. Traveling the world and seeing nature’s beauty is his hobby and staying healthy through that is essential to him. Visit his blog as http://mikemanningmusings.blogspot.com/


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